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Thousands of QIWI e-wallets are blocked - it is impossible to withdraw funds from them

An event occurred in the Russian financial sector that caused a wide resonance among users of payment services. Qiwi, known for its electronic wallets and a wide range of financial services, faced serious problems after the Central Bank of Russia revoked its banking license. This decision led to the immediate blocking of the ability to withdraw funds from Qiwi wallets, leaving users without access to their money.

According to information published by RIA Novosti, Qiwi clients are now faced with the inability to use the service not only to withdraw funds, but also to replenish currency wallets. Attempts to carry out transactions end with an error message: “Payment error. Payment declined. Contact the bank that issued the card." This came as an unpleasant surprise to many users who relied on Qiwi for their financial transactions.

The revocation of the license and the subsequent blocking of operations were the result of identified violations of Russian legislation by Qiwi, including those related to money laundering. These measures taken by the regulator emphasize the Central Bank's desire to tighten control over the activities of financial institutions in the country and increase the level of financial security.


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