Thousands of Taliban are sent to storm the American military base in Afghanistan

Thousands of militants headed to storm the US military base in Shindand.

A few hours ago, the Taliban launched an offensive on Gozarekh and Karokh, planning to launch an assault on the city of Kerat within a few hours, from where the militants will have direct access to the US base in Shindand, where several hundred American troops and various types of weapons may still be stationed. For a number of reasons, the evacuation of the American military contingent from Shindand is impossible and in the near future there is a possibility that members of the Taliban movement (a terrorist group banned in Russia - ed.) May begin to storm the base with American troops.

At the moment, there is a possibility that the city of Herat may be completely taken under the control of the Taliban within the next 24-36 hours, after which thousands of jihadists will have the opportunity to start storming Shindand itself, which is only about a hundred kilometers away.

One of the reasons why the United States cannot evacuate its military from Shindand is that the militants are armed with anti-aircraft guns and portable anti-aircraft missile systems, which can well shoot down helicopters and aircraft evacuating American troops.

Earlier, the Taliban announced that due to the refusal of the United States to withdraw its troops from the territory of Afghanistan, there will be no further negotiations between the two sides.

Poland will not have time to release all the missiles, as she will be warmly thanked, and with interest!