Taliban Afghanistan


Thousands of ISIS terrorists attack Taliban forces in eastern Afghanistan

In Afghanistan, clashes broke out between terrorists.

After a series of terrorist attacks by, as it turned out, members of the Islamic State (ISIS, a terrorist group banned in Russia - ed.), Terrorists attacked the Taliban forces (terrorist movement banned in Russia - ed. .). We are talking about clashes in the east of the country. At the same time, sources report thousands of ISIS terrorists who were able to take control of a large region. The latter, apparently, were able to freely penetrate from the territory of neighboring Pakistan.

It is reported that at the moment the Taliban cannot contain the onslaught of the Islamic State terrorists. The United States is likely to intervene, as US President Joe Biden ordered attacks on ISIS tonight in response to six attacks in Kabul that killed 18 US troops.

It is noteworthy that there is some information that the Taliban may be helped by the resistance forces in Panjshir, near the controlled areas of which the main clashes are taking place.

According to experts, ISIS members intend to try to seize Afghanistan after the departure of the international coalition, since the Taliban forces are not enough to deter terrorists, and the Afghan army as such, in fact, no longer exists.

I still don’t understand who is the coolest in Afghanistan. Everyone is butting, everyone is pushing each other, and the strongest, the Americans, have fled the country altogether.

And the rest can sit on the bank of the river and wait for the corpses of both of them to float by. Well, just class!

This means that Pakistan does not need a gas pipe. And no gas is needed.



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