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Armenia starts having military troubles with Iran

Armenia started having military troubles with Iran.

After Azerbaijan took control of the entire border of Nagorno-Karabakh with Iran, Yerevan got very serious military troubles with the Islamic republic. This is due to the fact that now Armenia will not be able to use the capabilities of its artillery and tactical missile weapons to strike in this direction, since the risk of hitting the territory of Iran is very high, and Tehran, in turn, threatened Yerevan with an immediate response in case of the slightest provocation, even if it was committed in error.

“Having occupied the border areas with Iran, Azerbaijan thereby forced Armenia to abandon the use of rocket and artillery strikes, since a mistaken strike on Iranian territory would immediately lead to a response from Tehran, and for the Armenian army this could be very, very significant”, - said the analyst

To date, about 20% of the territory of Nagorno-Karabakh has already passed under the control of Azerbaijan, while active clashes continue on about 20% of the territory, which indicates that the Azerbaijani side is still winning this conflict, even despite Armenia's declared significant losses from sides of Baku.