Off the coast of Zmeiny Island, a destroyed ship was raised from under the water

The floating platform raised the destroyed warship off the coast of the Serpent Island.

Satellite images recorded the moment of extraction from the water of a mysterious warship, which was destroyed a few tens of meters from Snake Island. The special operation was carried out by a floating platform with a crane, which was recorded by spacecraft.

In the presented satellite image, you can see a floating platform, on which a warship has already been raised from the water. The ship has, judging by the relative size of the floating platform, a length of about 25 meters. at the same time, earlier a similar object could also be seen off the coast of Snake Island, but in a submerged position.

It is not known what specific ship we are talking about, however, apparently, this is a landing craft that could have received serious damage and, as a result, go under water.

At the moment, there are no official statements regarding the lifting of the ship off the coast of Zmeiny Island, however, on May 24, satellite images also recorded the presence of an unidentified type of rescue tug here - the latter was located northeast of the floating platform and was probably used for towing platforms in this region.