An unknown 25-meter ship sank off the coast of Zmeiny Island

An unknown ship sank near Zmeiny Island.

An unknown warship was found sunken near Zmeiny Island. This is evidenced by high-quality satellite images, in which you can see an unknown ship that sank at the pier of Snake Island. The estimated length of the unknown warship is about 20-25 meters, and the latter sank for unknown reasons right off the coast.

On the presented satellite images you can see the current situation on the Zmeiny Island. In addition to the infrastructure almost completely destroyed by air strikes, you can also see the ship's hull. This, apparently, is about a fairly large ship, having a length of about 20-25 meters. At the same time, there are suggestions that we are talking about a landing craft, although there are no details on this.

Earlier, Turkish resources published a video in which it was possible to notice a strike on a boat near Zmeiny Island, however, whether this vessel is in question or not is still unknown.

Also noteworthy is the appearance of a special platform near Zmeiny Island with a crane installed on it, which does not exclude the possibility that we can talk about lifting a sunken ship.

It should be noted that on earlier satellite images taken in early May, one can also notice that a certain sunken object is located in the same area.