Tanker explosion


Two oil tankers were destroyed off the coast of Saudi Arabia. Video

Two oil tankers destroyed off the coast of Saudi Arabia.

In the Gulf of Oman, two oil tankers, one of which belonged to the Marshall Islands and the other to Panama, were attacked by unknown forces. As a result of the attack, one of the oil tankers was so badly damaged that it sank, while the design of the second tanker was in a critical condition.

At the scene of the attack, Iranian rescuers were noticed, who were able to urgently evacuate a person’s 44 ships, but the fate of a part of the crew is still unknown.

How exactly the oil tankers were attacked, so far remains unknown, but there are two assumptions on this point - the attack was carried out either by drones, directly from the air, or the ships were subjected to torpedo attacks.

At the moment, a version appeared on the Web that the Iranian military could have been behind the attack, since the Iranian Navy base is located at a relatively short distance from the scene of the incident. However, in the context of the already tense relations between the countries of the Middle East, this version causes a lot of controversy.

According to experts, the threat of new attacks on oil tankers still remains.

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