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Mysterious Russian spy ship found off the coast of the USA

A Russian "spy" ship was discovered off the coast of the United States.

The Russian sea ship Yantar is suspected of espionage for the United States. The reason for this version was the appearance of a marine vessel in the immediate vicinity of communication equipment located at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, although the ship itself is positioned as an oceanographic marine vessel.

“About a month ago, Yantar left the home port in the Arctic and disappeared from sight. It was only possible to track it again on November 8 - the ship unexpectedly appeared in the Caribbean Sea near Trinidad and Tobago. On November 10, it again went into the open sea. According to Forbes, Yantar is considered a spy ship, as it has been repeatedly noticed near submarine communication cables. As the source in the fleet, who is familiar with the situation, explained to the publication, in the West they suspect that the Russian vessel could place spy devices on underwater communications ”, - reports "Tape".

It should be clarified that until November 8 the position of the Yantar vessel remained unknown, however, at present its position has been identified off the coast of the United States, which raises a number of questions among experts regarding what the ship does next to American territorial waters.