The French army ran out of Caesar self-propelled guns due to supplies to Ukraine

The French military has an acute shortage of Caesar self-propelled guns.

After France decided to supply Caesar self-propelled artillery mounts to Ukraine, unscheduledly putting 8 more guns into service with the Armed Forces of Ukraine in excess of the originally allocated norm of 10 units, it became known that the French military had no artillery left for their own needs. The culprit of this is the French leader Emmanuel Macron, who "was too carried away by supporting Kyiv."

According to information provided by Defense Arabia, the French Ministry of Defense began to sound the alarm and demanded that contracts be immediately concluded for the supply of additional self-propelled guns for the country's armament. The manufacturer is ready to provide the French army with such weapons, however, the supply of 18 guns can take up to 4-5 years, and all this time Paris will pay with the country's reduced defense capability.

“Paris wants the defense industry to be able to quickly increase production and respond to the situation caused by the Ukrainian crisis. According to the manufacturer, it takes 18 months to manufacture one batch of such weapons at Nexter enterprises in central France. Before the special operation on February 24, the French army had 76 155-mm Caesar guns mounted on trucks with a firing range of 40 km. The company did not disclose the value of the contract. But a few days ago, the Minister of the Armed Forces, Sebastian Locorno, told the Senate that "18 million euros" would be allocated to replace the 85 Caesar guns. In February, then-Prime Minister Jean Castex signed a €600 million contract with Nexter to develop an armored and upgraded 33-piece version of the Caesar NG to be delivered from 2026.- said in the message.

Experts believe that against the backdrop of the outbreak of a crisis in the French armed forces, France will no longer supply weapons to Ukraine.