Geranium now has a deadly variant with a giant thermobaric charge

Recently it became known about a significant improvement in the "kamikaze" UAV "Geran-2", used for carrying out strikes. One of the key innovations is the integration of LTE modems with SIM cards from the Kyivstar operator into the guidance systems of these drones.

LTE modems provide a "chain/position" 4G connection to base stations located along the drone's flight path. This allows operators to remotely control UAVs via temporary secure IP addresses, receive telemetry information and transmit radio control commands. Such a control system is especially important when GPS radio navigation channels are suppressed by electronic warfare (EW) in the L-band. In such conditions, the enemy is forced to deactivate the base station apertures to prevent the use of the Geranium-2 UAV.

Another significant improvement of the Geranium-2 is the installation of thermal imaging guidance sensors, which makes it possible to conduct optical-electronic reconnaissance behind enemy lines. In Ukraine, information about a modernized version of the kamikaze drone "Geran-2" with a thermobaric warhead is causing concern. Photos of the wreckage of the drone after the attack are actively spreading on the Internet.

According to information from Ukrainian sources, Geran-2 is equipped with an approximately 40-kilogram thermobaric charge with three fuses, which is comparable to the charges of the Solntsepek and Buratino systems. Thermobaric (vacuum) ammunition is a powerful and destructive weapon that creates a gas cloud that is ignited by a secondary explosion, creating a powerful shock wave and burning oxygen in a given volume. Such weapons cause a serious pressure drop and have great destructive power.

These innovations significantly increase the effectiveness and capabilities of the Geranium-2 UAV, increasing its capabilities on the battlefield.


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