Fighter F-16


Flights of NATO F-16 fighters are recorded near the borders of Belarus

F-16 fighter jets spotted near Belarusian borders.

Residents of Poland report a sharp intensification of NATO F-16 fighter flights near the border with Belarus. It is known that we are talking about a fairly large number of combat aircraft. Moreover, flights of Mi-24 helicopters of the Polish Air Force were also recorded, which carried out passes at low altitudes several tens of kilometers from the border with Belarus.

The Belarusian side has not yet reported any dangerous actions on the part of NATO combat aviation, however, it has been suggested that the F-16 fighters also belong to the Polish Air Force, and in general we are talking about the military exercises "Defender Europe 2022", to which, among other things, military personnel of the 9th and 10th armored cavalry brigades, the 2nd, 5th, 12th and 17th mechanized brigades, the 25th air cavalry brigade, the 6th airborne brigade, the 2nd engineer regiment and the 2nd regiment of the RKhBZ, as well as the territorial defense troops, although there are no official statements on this yet.

The dangerous actions of NATO near the borders of the Russian ally are definitely a matter of concern, however, experts believe that both Minsk and Moscow are ready to adequately respond to this.