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A new provocation near the borders of Russia - a US reconnaissance drone was again noticed near Crimea

An American strategic drone spotted near Crimea.

The day before, as well as a few days earlier, an American strategic unmanned aerial vehicle was discovered near the borders of Russia. The provocation of the American military was carried out near Crimea, and, apparently, it may be associated with Russian activity against the backdrop of large-scale NATO military exercises.

It is known that there was no violation of Russian borders, however, provocative actions by the United States sometimes lead to the fact that the approach to the borders of Russian airspace is critical. As follows from the data presented, the RQ-4B Global Hawk strategic reconnaissance unmanned aerial vehicle appeared near the Crimean coast at around 9 am. The drone took off from an air base on the island of Crete, and, apparently, successfully completed its mission, since the fighters of the Russian Aerospace Forces did not rise to intercept it.

According to the Russian expert Yuri Knutov, the increased activity of NATO near the Russian borders is connected precisely with the military exercises "West-2021", because at this time Russian air defense systems are also being tested, including the S-400 air defense systems, about which the United States first of all and trying to gather information.

“The Pentagon is trying to collect intelligence information in any way, including about the Russian S-400 air defense systems. The flight of the American drone is a provocation designed to demonstrate the decisiveness of the US actions "- said Knutov.

The Russian side has not yet given official comments on this situation.


What "comments" if their children live there (in America) :)

It is high time to damage their equipment by means of electronic warfare, and not show concern, they only understand strength ...

Yes, launch an oncoming kamikaze drone and resolve the issue. You never know what could have happened, the coordinates got lost or something else. Airplanes collide in the air, and then the drones are all that.