One of the most secret US Air Force military aircraft spotted near Russian borders

One of the most secret aircraft of the US Air Force has been spotted near the Russian border.

An experimental Bombardier Challenger 650 ARTEMIS electronic reconnaissance aircraft, which, according to various sources, is able not only to collect information about the operation of air defense systems, but also to influence them, was seen less than 60 kilometers from the borders of Russian airspace. The purpose of the appearance of an American military reconnaissance aircraft here remains unknown, however, against the background of extremely high tension in relations between Russia and the United States, the appearance of a special electronic reconnaissance aircraft raises certain concerns.

According to experts, the American military experimental electronic reconnaissance aircraft Bombardier Challenger 650 ARTEMIS can collect information about the operation of Russian air defense systems, radar stations, ships, etc. At the same time, given the specifics of this aircraft, there is a serious risk that the United States is attempting to intervene into the work of Russian defense systems, although there have been no official comments on this yet.

Earlier, the Bombardier Challenger 650 ARTEMIS electronic reconnaissance aircraft has already performed flights over the Black Sea, but its approach to the Russian borders at such a minimum distance is recorded for the first time.

Will fall according to international standards ...

It is normal that they "roll in". It is not normal that Western partners behave unceremoniously in violation of international law.

It seems that just such an airplane with an important CIA officer on board was landed by the Iranians in revenge for the murder of Soleimani.

I'm completely confused. Only yesterday I was happy with the message from the esteemed editorial board that our KRASUKHA (in the amount of 1 piece) is capable of suppressing radio broadcasts over the whole of Europe. After that, the enemies will not fly, float, go. And suddenly - what a horror - an enemy plane 60 km away. from U.S! Just like our Foreign Ministry: give guarantees of our security, because we are stronger than everyone else. If the strongest of all - there is nothing to ask, if not stronger - there is nothing to boast about.

Why are the media panicking? All and sundry have already flown over the Black Sea. And doomsday planes, scouts of all stripes, manned and unmanned, flying command posts, missile strike adjustment aircraft, flying spy laboratories, fighters and bombers of all NATO countries. Spy satellites, spy ships, Ukrainian non-spy brothers. What is there on this small plane that is not on the hefty Boeings stuffed with spy electronics?

So they also run in their technique with pleasure.

American pilots took the maps to the UN, and it shows that Crimea is Ukrainian, so they fly there.

And it was approaching before.



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