Russian helicopters spotted near Turkish borders

In Syria, near the borders of Turkey, the activity of Russian helicopters was noticed.

According to local residents, unusual activity of Russian helicopters was noticed this afternoon in the northern part of Syria, at a distance of several kilometers from the border with Turkey. It is noted that we are talking about two helicopters - the Mi-8 and the combat Ka-52, which took off from the military airfield in Qamishli and headed towards the Syrian city of Amuda.

On the video footage presented, you can see the flight of Russian helicopters over the northern part of Syria. According to Syrian residents, the latter usually do not fly at such a short distance from the Turkish border, however, it is known that no critical approach to the borders of Turkish airspace has been recorded.

Where exactly the Russian rotorcraft were heading is unknown, however, it is noted that the last time they followed in the direction of the city of Amuda. At the same time, experts do not exclude that we can talk about patrolling the northern part of Syria, since there are still pro-Turkish militants here, posing a threat to both the Syrians and the Kurds, especially given the fact that Turkey has not refused to conduct military operation.