Israel has a critical shortage of shells for Merkava tanks

Reuters, citing current and former US officials, reported that President Joe Biden's administration has asked the US Congress to approve the sale of 45 rounds for Merkava tanks to Israel. According to sources, the purpose of the deal is the use of these shells by Israel to fight Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

Former US State Department spokesman Josh Paul stressed that the State Department is putting pressure on two congressional commissions to quickly approve the deal. This comes despite the objections of human rights activists who have expressed concerns about the use of American weapons in this conflict.

Paul added that the deal was submitted to two congressional committees this week, which have 20 days to review it. However, the State Department insists on their immediate approval.

In addition, the United States of America has organized an air bridge to transport weapons to Israel since the start of the latter's military operation in the Gaza Strip. This action underscores US support for its main ally in the region and its willingness to supply Israel with weapons for military operations.


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