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DPRK found precisely copied Russian tactical and strategic weapons

The DPRK began to copy Russian weapons.

Foreign media drew attention to the fact that in recent years partly unique types of weapons have appeared on the DPRK’s armaments, mainly analogous to Russian tactical and strategic missile systems, which does not exclude the version that Pyongyang simply decided to copy Russian weapons recommended.

The most active experts are discussing the Hwason-X missile launcher, which in its appearance almost completely repeats the Russian Iskander missile launcher, although during the latest tests, North Korean missiles flew far beyond the Russian ones.

Moreover, the DPRK’s armaments also noticed analogues of the Russian S-300 and S-400 air defense systems, and although the likelihood that North Korean systems are as effective as Russian ones is extremely small, according to analysts, all this again points to trivial copying of the DPRK of Russian military developments. However, the fact is remarkable. that the rocket launched a few days ago by Pyongyang turned out to be very similar to the American-made ATACMS rocket and complexes, which, for subsequent copying, could not be taken over by the DPRK.


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