Lithuania has new air defense systems, but they only made experts laugh

In the arsenal of Lithuania appeared "funny" air defense systems.

Until recently, only the Stinger, Grom-2 and RBS-70 man-portable air defense systems comprised Lithuania’s air defense system, however, according to media reports, more powerful air defense systems appeared on the arsenal of the Baltic state (compared to the existing ones) - Ed.), However, because of their characteristics, they only made the experts laugh.

We are talking about NASAMS air defense systems that use AIM-120 AMRAAM missiles, which provides an effective range of their use at only 25 kilometers, with a maximum target hit height of 15 kilometers.

“With such a range of target destruction, these air defense systems are absolutely hopeless. Such air defense systems can be fired by almost any missiles in service with fighters. Their only positive aspect is mobility, however, at the same time, the reliability of such air defense systems causes a lot of questions ”, - the expert marks.

It is noteworthy that for such air defense systems, Lithuania paid 110 million dollars.

Kindergarten fart.