The modernized British tank Challenger 2 will break the tower after being hit by Russian Kornet ATGM

In the UK, the Challenger 2 tank was modernized - now it will have a tower collapsed after the first rocket strike.

The upgraded version of the British heavy tank Challenger 2 was completely impractical for warfare. Despite its powerful appearance, the tank was found to have a “defect” that would allow it to win “tower throwing competitions” after the first hit of a Russian anti-tank missile.

Despite tens of tons of weight, the British Challenger 2 tank turned out to be quite vulnerable to any enemy attacks, and given the fact that it is a NATO tank, experts note that it will not have a chance to withstand Russian anti-tank weapons - the first hit in the tower of the tank, it’ll simply be torn off, and the fault of all is the miscalculation of engineers and designers.

Experts draw attention to the fact that the tower has direct forms from almost all sides, as a result of which a missile entering the tank will simply turn it around and throw it away for several meters. A typical example of this is the Russian Kornet ATGM. In the event of a collision with more serious opponents, like the Russian tanks T-72, T-90 and T-14 Armata, the tower will be torn off and thrown back several tens of meters.

It is not known how formidable the enemy the British tank itself is, since this machine was not able to prove itself in battle, however, experts believe that without sufficient experience, British designers would hardly be able to achieve any dizzying success.