Aircraft MS-21


The newest Russian aircraft MS-21 in Zhukovsky has failed brakes - it drove into a snowdrift

Russian airliner MS-21 rolled out of the runway in Zhukovsky.

As part of the next series of tests of the newest domestic passenger airliner MS-21, an emergency occurred with the latter - during maneuvering on the runway, the aircraft's brakes failed, as a result of which the latter rolled out of the runway.

Judging by the video footage presented, the plane did not receive any serious damage, however, there are no official details on this yet, although the UAC said that the crew on board the aircraft was not injured.

The reasons for the failure of the braking system in the newest domestic airliner are still unknown, however, the low temperature, as well as the slippery surface of the runway, could be to blame.

By the current hour, the aircraft is still in a snowdrift - it could not taxi to the runway on its own at the first attempt.

It is reported that an internal investigation is planned into the incident.

Boeings cry ...

That's right, Anatoly

According to the text - they were maneuvering, that is, somewhere on the taxi. Reverse is used only when landing (after touching the runway with the front strut).

And what do the brakes have to do with it ?, the brakes on the plane can fail only in one case - from overheating after landing, and then smoke comes from the pads, and more often fire, and here the ice was clearly at taxiing or at the end of the runway, questions to the ground service, and the pilots well done for saving a single copy. The reverse apparently did not have time or did not want to or could not be used

A clever trick.
Do not say everything, take it out of context and the meaning of what is happening absolutely changes.
Landing and emergency braking tests were carried out with one engine running.