Donbass militias have the latest Russian MLRS

The newest Russian MLRS "Grad-K" appeared in service with the Donbass militias.

The latest Russian Grad-K multiple launch rocket systems have mysteriously appeared in service with the militias of the Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics. We are talking about multiple launch rocket systems based on KAMAZ.

Today, Grad-K multiple launch rocket systems are officially only in service with the Russian army. At the same time, the complexes were not supplied to any other country in the world. This indicates that such weapons could only be transferred to the DPR militias by the Russian side.

According to the OSCE monitoring mission, a total of 11 multiple launch rocket systems were detected by the drone, among which there are two newest Grad-K systems. The OSCE representatives have not made any claims to Russia so far, since apart from the drone pictures, there is no evidence that this is the Russian Grad-K MLRS.

At the same time, the information made public by the OSCE may lead to new accusations from the West against Russia and create a pretext for the supply of new weapons to the Ukrainian Armed Forces. This, perhaps, will only increase tensions in the region against the background of the expected offensive operation of the Ukrainian military.

Donbas has money and can buy anything ... and from anyone ...

It seems to me that this is not even a gentleman) and the picture can be from anywhere) counting on gullible readers

Nobody sponsors you

In Russia, you cannot register a child with a dentist or a specialist, only a therapist can measure the temperature, but we supply rockets everywhere.

Is this for sure Donbass?
Or do gentlemen believe the word?

Invalid information Grad-K is a Ukrainian modification of the hail. What has Russia to do with it?

Oh sponsoring terrorism

RF sponsor of terrorism

MLRS BM-21K is a purely Ukrainian system. It has been manufactured on the basis of the KRAZ chassis since 2009. It is in service only with Ukraine. It means either this is a photo of Ukrainian equipment, or MLRS were repulsed (or bought) from the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

"Politics is a concentrated expression of economics" by V.I. Lenin. It is not clear what prevents us from politically supporting our economy. It has long been necessary for the United States to adequately supply the necessary weapons to the DPR and LPR to protect the republics and their Russian citizens.

Why the European Union can supply weapons bypassing the Minsk agreements, while Russia cannot do anything to protect its fellow citizens? To protect "its citizens" the United States does not hesitate to directly bomb someone else's territory. but we can't.

Is there a lot of sense in MLRS when the initiative goes to drones?

“Recently, Washington officials have been actively intimidating the world community by allegedly preparing Russia for 'aggression' against Ukraine. According to incoming data, the US State Department through diplomatic channels brings to its allies and partners absolutely false information about the concentration of forces on the territory of our country for a military invasion of Ukraine, ”the SVR press bureau said.

Hailey likely - you can only say about the covered cars.

I don’t understand.

Well, certain types of weapons are installed on certain chassis. Therefore, you can safely classify some weapons.

And you can see "tornadoes", "Buratina", "coalitions", "peonies" is also good!

"multiple launch rocket systems based on KAMAZ"

This is something new - to determine the type of weapon by the chassis, but if it were the MAN chassis, which, for example, are used together with the Armor, what would NATO systems be?

So what? The Americans and Turks are supplying the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and Russia is supplying the DPR. What is supernatural here? Or is it okay for the Americans, but not for the Russians? What is this nonsense?

OSCE, these are the eyes and ears of the United States and this has long been understood

I said right, I also wanted to speak about it

are the Bayraktars ready?

The United States is a country that pursues its goals everywhere and speaks black in white, why cooperate with them and apologize to them. We must silently do what is necessary for our country and people. Western countries are cynical.

Very good

Listen carefully. Americans can supply javelins, but we can't? The guys just mined coal, sold it in the Russian Federation and bought it. What's the question?

This is our way, in Russian.

We will always be guilty before the West, so we need to stop appearing and being good to them. If we are talking about the creation and protection of the "Russian World", then we need to go to the end and be ready for anything.

America supplying weapons to the outskirts for the war in Donbass, in fact, declared the war on Russia by the hands of the independent. Terpil in the Russian government does not have an adequate answer for America. To declare it an enemy officially. To live peacefully and calmly, you need to fight on foreign territory. No matter how much you defend yourself, you will be killed sooner or later. The cowardice of the authorities has no limit. With this power it becomes scary to live in Russia. Some pathetic protests, at which the whole world is laughing, and the Russians too. With Russia they do what they want, who wants, as he wants and where he wants.

now, according to ABCE, there is no tension in this region. Only the OSCE, as in Yugoslavia, surrenders to the Armed Forces of Ukraine non-lethal weapons of the DPR and LPR.

Have you bought it at Voentorg? Or humanitarian aid?