mine of the USA


Unidentified assailants tried to destroy an American warship off the US coast

Unidentified persons attacked an American warship off the coast of Florida.

A group of unidentified persons attempted to destroy an American warship off the coast of Florida, near Fort Lauderdale. So, according to the data presented, the unknown threw a sea mine into the water, and this is not an American sea mine, so there is no possibility that the object could have been simply lost during the exercise.

“A large military explosive device was thrown ashore on a famous beach in Florida, USA. Broward County Sheriff's Office spokesman Carey Codd announced the discovery of a large circular object believed to be a mine washed ashore in the small town of Lauderdale-by-the-Sea. north of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, on April 4 after midnight. A police officer discovered the device while on patrol around 2:30 am. The police subsequently blocked the area, partially blocking the beach, ”the Soha news outlet reported.

At the moment, an investigation is being carried out in order to establish all the circumstances of this, however, given the constant passage of the US Navy ships in this area, a naval mine could easily damage and even destroy a large warship.

Experts do not exclude that the mine could well have been lost by one of the neighboring countries, however, recent statements by the American special services indicate the fact that we can talk about an attack on the American fleet, for example, by the IRGC.