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Russia Has Not Found “Mirror” Measures for US Exit from Open Skies Treaty

Russia will not respond “in the mirror” to the US withdrawal from the Open Skies Treaty.

Despite the intentions of the United States to refuse to fulfill its obligations under the Open Skies Treaty, it became known that Russia would not respond to these actions “in the mirror,” as stated by Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Sergei Ryabkov.

“Ryabkov noted that Russia will not act“ in a mirror ”. The deputy head also said that Moscow doubts about Washington’s plans to leave the agreement. However, if the United States withdraws from the treaty, the Russian agency will consider various options for retaliatory action. The diplomat added that the treaty is an important element stabilizing the "many processes", and also expressed the hope that the United States will not withdraw from the agreement. ", - reports the Russian information publication Lenta.

What exactly is the reason for the refusal to react symmetrically is unknown, however, experts believe that this can pose a serious threat, since the United States and its allies will be able to carry out observation flights over the territory of Russia, while Russia will not have such an opportunity.