Russia has a new buyer of Su-57 fighters

Russia may begin to supply the Sous-57 fighters to Southeast Asia.

At the disposal of the resource there appeared information that Vietnam was interested in buying fifth-generation Russian fighters Su-57. At the moment there is evidence that the Vietnamese authorities are considering the possibility of buying 12 Su-57 fighters, which will allow Vietnam to seriously increase the defense capability of its borders.

According to the source, at the moment Vietnam is showing genuine interest in fifth-generation Russian fighter aircraft, and if the deal goes through, then Vietnam may be the first state to adopt fifth-generation Russian fighter aircraft. Given the cost of one combat aircraft, the total amount of the contract will have to be about 2 billion.

Nevertheless, as analysts say, the United States of America can create serious problems for Vietnam, since the purchase of Russian weapons will immediately lead to the imposition of sanctions by Washington, which will be a significant blow to the economy of this country.

It should be clarified that no official comments from the Russian defense ministry have been received so far.

Most likely - for free, because it only needs a poor country. Countries that have money buy F35