Russia has a new adversary in the oceans - an American underwater "stealth" unmanned aerial vehicle

In the United States, they began assembling an underwater stealth UAV.

The American company Huntington Ingall's Hampton Center has begun to fulfill a new defense order of the US Navy to assemble Orca underwater stealth drones, which in a fully autonomous mode can not only explore the waters of the oceans, but also carry out various military missions at distances of over 10 thousand. kilometers. The underwater drone is already being called the new Russian adversary, since the latter is equipped with a "quiet" power plant, which probably could allow it to enter Russian territorial waters, at least according to the American media representatives.

“Workers at Huntington Ingalls Industries' new Hampton drone factory will assemble the hull structures for the Navy's new Orca unmanned submarine. HII employees began work in the first building of the Center of Excellence for Unmanned Systems on December 28, the company said. Formally known as the "ultra-large unmanned underwater vehicle", Orca will be a 51-foot (16 meters) vessel that can sail up to 6500 nautical miles on its own, regardless of any parent ship. ", - reports the Daily Press.

It is assumed that by 2022, American Orca underwater drones will enter service with the US Navy, however, experts draw attention to the fact that with a length of 16 meters, such submarine UAVs are unlikely to pass unnoticed near Russian borders, not to mention the fact that that Russia is actively strengthening the presence of its fleet in the most significant regions of the planet.