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Russia has a tough "Plan B" in case the US and NATO reject Moscow's offer of security guarantees

Russia has declared its readiness to move to "Plan B" in case the US and NATO reject Moscow's proposals on security guarantees.

Against the background of open disregard for Russia's demands to sign agreements between the Russian side, the United States and NATO on providing Russia with security guarantees, the head of the Russian delegation at the Vienna talks said that Russia would react extremely harshly to the refusal to hold such negotiations. According to Gavrilov, Russia has a "Plan B", which the alliance will not like.

The head of the Russian delegation stressed his readiness to act extremely tough, since not only Russia's national interests, but also national security depend on such agreements. Gavrilov did not give any details, however, experts believe that we can talk not only about the deployment of additional forces on the border with NATO and the United States, but also about the deployment of intermediate and shorter-range missiles in Europe, the deployment of nuclear weapons near the borders NATO, the transfer of a significant number of troops to the border with Belarus, etc.

“Russia has enough leverage on NATO and the United States. We can talk about the deployment of intermediate and shorter-range missiles in the Kaliningrad region, Crimea and even in Belarus. Probably, nuclear tactical and strategic weapons will be deployed as close as possible to the borders of the Alliance, and in addition, an army of several tens of thousands of people can be additionally transferred to neighboring Belarus. ", - the expert marks.

It should be noted that NATO and the United States have not yet commented on the Russian threat to move to a tough action plan.


When something stirred in the lair, to which the hunter approached, it may seem, like you, that this is just nonsense. But what will happen to you if a hefty Russian bear suddenly jumps out of this lair and rears up? How many seconds do you think you will live?

- What about the Poseidons? - They drowned

And 250 tons of gold that sailed from Russia, who will return it and how. Most likely, this is a rent for Biden and NATO. There is no time for war.

Rum and mulattos :)

mutually beneficial with what, cane or bananas?

And what about the Poseidons who are on duty underwater across from New York.

Does it really bother you?

There will be no Cuba, there will be Anadyr. it's even better.

It is necessary to negotiate post factum. From the beginning it is necessary to do and then negotiate and not vice versa. Forewarned is forearmed

Only Odessa will not allow this

This is not a Russian "threat", it is a Russian warning about retaliatory actions to ensure national security. Henceforth, I ask the editor, to work more carefully with your journalists-provocateurs and not to allow anti-Russian statements !!!

This is nonsense, no one betrayed anyone, Cuba will not mind at all if, in addition to placing our military bases, we offer Cuba mutually beneficial projects for the development of the national economy, transport and modernization of its army.

everyone understands that the Russian Federation will deploy ground Zircons in Odessa and Nikolaev

1234, "they are not afraid ..." Here it is important to define the concept of "they". "they" = collective West = NATO = US + others = US + Europe. As you can see, the problems that "they are not afraid of" will arise for Europe, first of all for the "Youngonatists", who were admitted to NATO only for the sake of their territory, since they themselves do not represent any real force, and then it is next in line - the main weak Europe. The United States, on the other hand, will look at this from across the ocean, fearing the use of nuclear weapons by Russia, and will carefully watch in order to connect at the right time to the division of the corpse of this very Europe, as has happened more than once in history. So "they" are afraid ...

Rockets in Cuba and Venezuela.

There will be no Cuba, they remember our betrayal, now they treat us accordingly.

This is exactly what no one is afraid of. No action - no fear. Redeployment causes redeployment and nothing more. This is on the plan, but the husk covering the formidable statements.

Great news. Only one moment worries. If the situation sharply aggravates and the borders are closed, will our ministers, senators - deputies, propagandists, billionaires have time to sell their mansions in the West, take money from banks, return the kids to their homeland? Or will everyone be left there until better times?

I think - Cuba is hidden here, like a trump card in the sleeve. Until China is fully connected. Tremble.

And they have 32 or 33 "extreme" plans ?! :)

Don't drift, wait and see;)

Would have had an impact would have influenced ...

They are not afraid of anything



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