Coronavirus in Russia


Russians may not have enough money for a vaccine against coronavirus

Not everyone can cure coronavirus in Russia.

Given the lack of effective measures to combat coronavirus in Russia, the cost of a vaccine to fight infection in the country can be incredibly high. Specialists base their conclusions primarily on the cost of the test announced for days to detect this disease - with guaranteed accuracy of 94%, it is 1250 rubles, while the cost of the vaccine may well reach 5-25 thousand rubles.

“A test for the presence of coronavirus, which can be done at home, will cost 1250 rubles. About this on the television channel "Russia 24" said the head of laboratory medicine at the Center for Molecular Diagnostics (CMD) of Rospotrebnadzor Elena Tivanova. According to her, in addition to this, it is separately necessary to pay for the departure of medical staff. The price will depend on the patient’s location, " - about it сообщает RBC.

According to analysts, even if the vaccine appears soon, due to the need for its full-scale production, it will take weeks or even months, which will naturally lead to its shortage.

On the other hand, experts do not exclude that the vaccine for the fight against coronavirus will be provided to the most vulnerable categories of citizens for free, but other categories of citizens will have to pay a fairly decent amount, although there have been no official comments on the cost of a single dose of vaccine in Russia.

According to WHO, according to information on April 6, Russia ranks 20th in the world in the prevalence of this disease, while the situation has seriously deteriorated over the past day.