Russian cruise missiles have a unique feature

Russian high-precision missile weapons turned out to be invulnerable to electronic warfare systems and air defense systems, thanks to a unique feature.

The Ukrainian military complained about the Russian tactical and strategic cruise missiles, finding they have a unique property that does not allow electronic warfare and air defense systems to intercept. As follows from the data presented, the Russian military lays the flight path of cruise missiles, if possible, in such a way that the latter pass through “bottlenecks” in the air defense and electronic warfare deployment areas, leaving no chance of a successful interception.

"All available methods of destruction are used. Tactics are constantly changing: when the Russian military realizes that we can intercept their missiles, they change the direction of attack and are constantly looking for places where missiles can fly, remaining unnoticed by our radars. They even succeed - we see the missiles are either too late or very bad. This is basically enough to report a flight, but we cannot provide enough information to destroy these missiles.", - it is said in the material devoted to the work of the Ukrainian radio intelligence.

Before that, it was assumed that Russian missiles fly to their targets along the shortest trajectory, however, it is obvious that thanks to the operational work of electronic and electronic intelligence, the Russian military finds loopholes in order to make strikes as effective as possible.

At the moment, it remains unknown how reliable the information provided by the Ukrainian military is, since there is no official data from the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation regarding this.