Plane U-2


The Russian military airbases observed earlier downed reconnaissance aircraft of the US Air Force

Near the Russian military bases in Syria, an American reconnaissance aircraft was seen.

A few hours ago, near the Russian military air bases in Syria, the US military reconnaissance aircraft U-2 was spotted, which had previously been shot down over the Soviet Union in 1960 and two years later over Cuba.

The specific objectives of the flight of the US military reconnaissance aircraft U-2 near the territory of Syria remain unknown, however, according to a number of sources in social networks, the aircraft could perform flight both outside the zone of airspace of Syria, and directly in itthat, however, has not received any evidence at the moment.

It should be clarified that the U-2 aircraft were not seen for the first time near the Russian military bases on the territory of the SAR; however, for what reasons the United States decided to resort to using these aircraft, so far remains unknown.

“U-2 has long been outdated, and even for air defense systems that are in service with Syria. The likelihood that the aircraft really violated the airspace of the SAR is extremely small, since the Syrian air defense systems would have acted almost certainly, not to mention that if the violation were fixed alongside Russian military air bases, Russia would also take measures. ”, - the expert marks.

I still think it was not the one who was shot down, but another.

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Come on!!! Surely noticed ??? or did they write about it? Yes, he twice a week over Ukraine shy away. Why he? Yes, because it sees well, it sees far and enough fuel for almost a day. Specials, damn ..



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