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Russian military bases in Syria lost all military aircraft. What's happening?

US military aircraft no longer dare to approach Russian military bases in Syria.

Foreign military experts drew attention to a rather remarkable feature associated with Russian military bases in Syria. It lies in the fact that for a fairly long period of time, American military aircraft have not come close to Russian military bases in the territory of the Arab Republic, increasingly using unmanned aerial vehicles.

The reason for this fact is unknown, however, it has been suggested that Russia has established new rules for flights of foreign military aircraft near the Syrian border.

Moreover, it was suggested that the reason for this could be the resumption of Russian electronic intelligence systems, which, as mentioned earlier, could have a negative effect on the electronic components of electronic intelligence systems used on Boeing P-8A Poseidon and Boeing RC- 135V / U.

It is noteworthy that at the beginning of November there was also information that Russia had deactivated its C-400 and C-300 systems in Syria, and this feature could become a reason for the American side to practically interest in Russian military bases completely gone.