The 21st century Russian airliner has a new problem - the plane was not ready for flights

The Russian airliner MS-21 was not ready for flights.

Despite the fact that the Russian passenger aircraft is prophesied to start mass production, it turned out that this aircraft did not pass a number of important tests, and therefore, cannot be transferred to future operators, while, according to a number of sources, flying on a plane are unsafe.

“At a meeting with Yuri Borisov (on the pace of work on putting a new aircraft into production), it became clear that there are risks of not getting certification from EASA due to the lack of lightning protection tests of systems and equipment of the MS-21-300. As a result of the meeting, UAC and Irkut were charged with eliminating this risk. ”, - reports "Base».

How it turned out that the Russian passenger airliner MS-21 was not tested for lightning protection is not known, however, if the tests fail, then a new delay may be possible with the start of mass production of these aircraft, the demand for which, by the way, has not increased recently.

Among other things, the Baza publication indicates the fact that the tragedy that occurred in the capital's Sheremetyevo Airport in May this year was caused precisely by lightning striking the SSJ-100, which also raises a number of questions regarding flight safety.