Scary structural elements found on Russian Su-75 fighter

Fearful structural elements were found on the new Russian Su-75 fighter.

Despite the fact that the appearance of a new Russian fifth-generation combat aircraft made a splash, Western media found elements in the design of the light fighter that could negate its stealth technology.

During the presentation of the Su-75 fighter, experts discovered that the elements of the fuselage of the Russian combat aircraft were fastened with ordinary screws, and, moreover, the fasteners were clearly not made in the best way, since the screw heads did not sink into the recesses. Moreover, the use of such fasteners could once again be the reason to launch a campaign against the Russian fifth generation combat aircraft and scare off potential buyers.

In turn, experts draw attention to the fact that today this is far from the final version of the fighter and the use of propellers can only be due to the need to ensure ease of assembly.

It should be noted that earlier around the world a campaign was launched against the Russian Su-57 fighter, which they refused to classify as "stealth" aircraft precisely because of the use of standard fasteners, which does not exclude the possibility that the United States and NATO could launch a similar campaign against the Su-75.

again a layout, the Chinese did)

Very alarming sign of Radiation radiation will probably put on the basis of "Stormy" engine! "

This is a full size mockup that showcases the look and general concept of the airframe. In Russian it is said that the plane will take to the air only in 24-25 years.

Maybe happiness is simply not riveted


Cast iron and Lumen - so said "piece"

There is simply no point in creating an aircraft without a technological surprise. so there are excellent combat strike aircraft at this stage. This aircraft is for the future, we need a machine that will work in conjunction with robots, with combat drones.

there are also screws on f22, but they are smeared, they are not visible))

You can't use rivets, you can't use screws either, then the question arises: how then to connect the airframe elements with glue or what? You look around, some professionals have gathered

Solid Shurum Burum

I had to use euro screws

normal assembly as the technologists decided and assembled

In the Su-57, the main contribution of the EPR is the turbine blades open to view through the air intakes, plus the build quality, as in this model. Therefore, it does not pass the maximum ERP for "stealth", under no circumstances even reaching the upper limit of 0,1 m², and not that in the 0,00 ...- 0,000 ...- range.

And to say anything serious about the "plywood" mock-up of "Su's" fantasies on the theme of a light fighter, especially about its type of "stealth", does not make sense at all. In a year or two, it will become finally clear that this fantasy can be realized at least somehow (even if it is crooked as usual) or so little, no less traditionally, and will remain.


Believing photos and videos to be edited in 5 minutes is at least stupid.

They also said about hypersonic missiles guided at low altitudes that we did not have them.

This is just a model of the Su-75

it is said - luminous, then luminous ... even with screws or without

And what is it? There is a radar emitter. Look at other equipment, the same Mi-28N.