C-400 radar


We found a serious flaw in the Russian C-400

The Russian S-400 “Triumph” found a serious problem.

According to the information publication Utro.ru, one of the world's best anti-aircraft missile systems, and we are talking about the Russian C-400 Triumph, found a serious problem. According to journalists, we are talking about a low-frequency radar, which, as it turned out, cannot track unobtrusive airborne targets, including the stealth fighter aircraft.

According to the publication, referring to the article “The National Interest”, today the Russian C-400 anti-aircraft missile system is an effective means of combating only fourth-generation fighters, to counter which, by the way, the complex was developed. However, the low-frequency radar is not able to detect fifth-generation fighters at long distances, allowing the latter to approach the C-400 positions and destroy them with existing weapons.

“According to the US Navy and Air Force, stealth irregularly reflect signals, creating so-called jumps, however, they are tracked by low-frequency radar. This is often due to the tail plumage, which B-2 practically does not have and B-21 will not have. Here it will be difficult to even find their C-400. According to Kofman, while F-22 and F-35 are quite effective against Russian air defense systems. However, over time, the Russians and the Chinese will develop an algorithm for the destruction of low-profile fighters. With B-21 it will be much more difficult. ”, - reports the publication "Utro.ru".

How objective is the information presented, so far remains unknown.

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