UAV Lightning


A swarm of strike drones "Lightning" has an unusual carrier aircraft

Russian drones "Molniya" will receive an unusual carrier aircraft.

Against the background of the completion of the development of unmanned aerial vehicles "Molniya", which should work as part of the "swarm", it became known that the carrier of such drones would be a rather unusual aircraft. As the information and news agency managed to find out, we are talking about a special modernized version of the Il-76 aircraft, which will carry out a massive drop of drones into the required area.

It is known that the development of shock and reconnaissance versions of the Molniya drone has already been practically completed, which makes it possible to start testing them from an aircraft. Considering the fact that at the first stage the Il-76 aircraft equipped with a special device may be suitable for this, in the future a special version of the carrier aircraft may appear.

As for the Molniya drones themselves, there were earlier reports that Russian designers were developing a combat version, a reconnaissance version and a version designed to use electronic warfare equipment.

Experts note that in the future, the Il-112V military transport aircraft may become the carrier for the Molniya drones.

In any case, it is better to release a swarm of UAVs than to destroy people. The correct strategy for me. Disposable drones - shock kamikazes should be kept in service with 1 million units. Then the soldiers will be alive, and the damage to the enemy will be much more powerful.

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IL-112 - a swarm carrier? It would be better if they made it a drone, so that people no longer ruin

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