The US has no plans to destroy the Russian Black Sea Fleet

The Pentagon announced that they were not going to destroy the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Navy.

US Department of Defense spokesman John Kirby said the Pentagon has no plans to destroy the Russian Black Sea Fleet. Such a statement was made against the backdrop of reports that the United States intends to provide Ukraine with Harpoon and NSM anti-ship missiles.

According to John Kirby, despite the statements of the Ukrainian authorities, the United States has no intention of going into conflict with Russia, but at the same time, the Pentagon spokesman did not deny the supply of anti-ship missile systems to Ukraine.

“The Pentagon on Friday denied that it was developing plans to destroy one of Russia’s most important navies, despite claims to the contrary by the Ukrainian government. But officials have left open the possibility of new arms transfers that would fundamentally change the scale of maritime confrontation in the region. “I can tell you with certainty that this is not true,” Pentagon spokesman John Kirby told reporters Thursday afternoon when asked about the Ukrainian statement. Kirby, however, did not refute Gerashchenko's subsequent claims - and corroborated by anonymous US officials to several news outlets - that the US was considering sending specialized Harpoon anti-ship missiles with a range of 200 miles in future arms shipments to Ukraine., - reports the American edition of "US News"

To date, it is known that the United States provides Ukraine with operational data on the presence of Russian ships and submarines in the waters of the Black Sea.