The Su-57 found a serious feature proving that it was not a "stealth" fighter.

Bright Russian Su-57 deprived of "stealth" capabilities.

Analyzing the capabilities of the fifth-generation Russian fighter, experts found a very strange detail in the Su-57, which radically distinguishes it from other stealth fighters. We are talking about using the color of a Russian combat aircraft, which actually negates the "stealth" coverage.

“Analyzing the Russian Su-57, it should be noted that this fighter, unlike the same F-35, F-22 and J-20, has a coloring. It can be assumed that the "stealth" coating in this case is tightly covered with paint, which makes the Russian combat aircraft visible, that is, depriving it of "stealth" capabilities ", - the expert marks.

It should be clarified that neither the American nor the fifth-generation Chinese fighter have a pronounced color, because their fuselage is covered with a special material that partially absorbs radar waves, which in turn makes it difficult to detect aircraft, which does not exclude the possibility that it is for this reason that the Western media actively criticized the fifth-generation Russian combat aircraft.

This suggests that SU-57 has a radio-absorbing paint, while Pindos and Chinese need a special coating. An additional plus of Russia, lower costs and longer service life without special events!