Kuzminov, who was killed in Spain, may have had fake documents

Maxim Kuzminov, a Russian pilot who hijacked an Mi-8 helicopter to Ukraine, was killed in Spain. The discovery of documents on his body raised doubts about his identity, as they pointed to a 33-year-old Ukrainian, while Kuzminov was 28 years old. This information was confirmed by the Efe news agency, citing sources, despite previous media reports of inconsistencies and confusion over the details of his death.

Spanish media initially reported Kuzminov's death, but doubts arose due to age and identity discrepancies found in documents. Despite this, sources have confirmed that the man found dead is indeed the sought-after Russian deserter pilot. UNIAN and RBC-Ukraine also reported his death, based on data from Spanish media, while the Spanish Civil Guard did not confirm this information. However, Spanish authorities do not confirm this information, noting that the identity of the murdered man has not yet been established.

The situation surrounding Kuzminov's death remains unclear due to discrepancies and the lack of official confirmation from the Spanish authorities. Ukrainian media claimed that Kuzminov defected to Ukraine under the influence of local intelligence, which led to his escape on a hijacked helicopter from Russia. At the same time, there were two more people on board the helicopter who died.


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