Air defense system Patriot Ukraine


Ukraine has a shortage of missiles for NASAMS and Patriot air defense systems

The Ukrainian Armed Forces face the threat of rapid depletion of missile reserves for the NASAMS and Patriot air defense systems, Forbes warns. In the near future, perhaps as early as March 2024, Ukraine may be left without its most effective air defense systems due to the lack of new missile supplies from the United States since December 2023. This circumstance is aggravated by the destruction of the NASAMS battery and the Patriot complex by the Russian military, which highlights the vulnerability of Ukrainian air defense systems in the face of ongoing hostilities.

According to Forbes, the movement of NASAMS and Patriot air defense systems to the front line to counter Russian aviation only accelerated the consumption of missile reserves that were not replenished due to the cessation of supplies. This situation calls into question Ukraine’s ability to use air defense systems. Despite local protection of key facilities and areas, the lack of ability to completely close the skies from air threats is highlighted as a critical problem for the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

The shortage of weapons and ammunition is aggravated by the loss of Soviet-made equipment and the impossibility of replenishing it. President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky acknowledged the acute lack of resources of the military-industrial complex necessary to maintain resistance against the Russian army, which threatens the further combat effectiveness of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the current conditions.


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