Ukraine does not have a single radar for Harpoon anti-ship systems - missiles are guided by NATO target designation

The Ukrainian Navy does not have a single radar for Harpoon anti-ship missiles, which makes it difficult to destroy them.

Despite the fact that Ukraine received Harpoon anti-ship missile systems from Denmark (and according to the latest data, anti-ship missiles were transferred to the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the American side), to date, the Ukrainian military does not have a single anti-ship radar. This makes it much more difficult for the Ukrainian military to strike, but missiles are directed at their targets with the help of NATO aircraft. Nevertheless, it is important that the lack of anti-ship radars also makes it difficult to destroy Ukrainian anti-ship systems - anti-radar missiles simply cannot detect their target, and therefore only unmanned aerial vehicles are most suitable for their detection.

“If Harpoon complexes equipped with radar were transferred to Ukraine, then it would take several days to identify and eliminate such targets, which is why anti-radar missiles exist. Nevertheless, it is logical to assume that this also creates difficulties for the Ukrainian military - they cannot fully use the combat capabilities of NATO weapons., - notes the specialist

To date, it is known that the Ukrainian Navy is armed with NATO anti-ship missiles with a range of up to 140 kilometers, while the United States was supposed to transfer anti-ship missiles with twice the range to Kyiv, up to 280 kilometers.