Ukraine ran out of shells for artillery and MLRS

The Ukrainian Armed Forces cannot count on artillery in the Donbass.

The single strikes inflicted by the Ukrainian military on Donbass are not connected with the attempts of the Ukrainian Armed Forces to probe weaknesses in the defense of the DPR and LPR, but are due to the fact that a relatively small amount of artillery ammunition remains in the arsenal of the Ukrainian army. It is with this factor that the supply of artillery ammunition from the United States and other countries of the world is associated.

“On paper, the Ukrainian army of 145 people has a powerful artillery arsenal of at least 000 cannons and rocket launchers. However, they are unable to shoot. After seven years of armed conflict in Donbass, Kiev will soon be forced to admit that Ukrainian artillery is in a deplorable state. Soviet guns fire old and completely unreliable ammunition. In addition, artillery crews lack technical support, such as modern radars that track the rate of fire. This is reflected in the accuracy of the hit. ", - reports the publication "Forbes".

Kiev refuses to give any comments on this matter. The deplorable situation in the artillery units of Ukraine has been known for several years, and a little earlier a similar situation began to be observed in the air defense units - Ukraine has a large number of mobile launchers, however, the number of missiles for them is very limited.

Experts note that if the Armed Forces of Ukraine really start an offensive, then Kiev is almost guaranteed to lose this round of hostilities in the region.

Bulgaria churns out Soviet ammunition for artillery and hail for the barmaley in Syria and Libya and Iraq, and probably for the barmaley of the Armed Forces of Ukraine too

But how can you supply ammunition to Soviet artillery pieces from the United States? We have different systems and standards. Even the cartridges are different everywhere. And then the guns.
Strange article.
Unless the United States vacuums Vietnam, Algeria, Angola, Ethiopia and other countries where Soviet weapons can be stored in warehouses. And even then. In what conditions is it stored.
Bursting of a shell in a gun is a common occurrence.

"Do you know how many machine guns we have? Seven! No, six ... One jams, the other jumps like a madman, and the third bastard shoots his own. And I secretly traded the seventh from Pan Ataman for these pants." Somewhere I have already seen it ...

I wonder where Forbes dug up such information?

Are you sure you counted everything?

But people are being killed by Bandera's "unreliable ammunition".



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