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"You have 24 hours": Russia has delivered an ultimatum to Turkey

Russia delivered an ultimatum to Turkey on Syria.

According to information provided by the journalists of the German edition of Bild, Russia delivered an 24-hour ultimatum to Turkey, according to which the Turkish military is given limited time to curtail their observation posts in the northern part of the Hama province, after which this area will begin to undergo massive bombing and artillery attacks.

According to the data provided by German journalist Julian Röpke, if Turkey refuses to fulfill the ultimatum set by the Russian and military, then Ankara will be fully responsible for the consequences, which means that both the Syrian army and the Russian air force are fully prepared for the start of a large-scale attack on Khan Sheikhun, and , obviously, not only from the western and eastern directions, but also from the north, where the so-called Turkish observation post is currently located.

On the other hand, earlier there was information that the Turkish Ministry of Defense granted the Turkish military the right to attack the positions of the Syrian government forces in the event of the assault on Khan Sheikhun, which means that the escalation in the region can be very serious.

It is necessary to clarify that no official comments have been received by Russia on this subject so far.

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