Bomber Su-24


The Armed Forces of Ukraine have additional fighters, bombers and attack aircraft

Ukraine has even more combat aircraft.

The reasons why the Ukrainian Air Force still continues to exist, and military aircraft are used to carry out strikes, are due to the fact that the Ukrainian side has many more combat aircraft in service than previously thought. As it turned out, Ukraine still has a certain number of “unrecorded” combat aircraft, which are stored at special facilities and in protected hangars, at airfields that were considered abandoned.

According to military expert Andrei Prokaev, we are talking about a certain number of combat aircraft that were not taken into account. Their current status is not yet known, however, they are likely to be used for strikes.

In addition, the specialist draws attention to the fact that Ukraine also owns unrecorded active military airfields, from which military aircraft are likely to take off. We are talking about abandoned military facilities that can serve as airfields. And, apparently, fighters, attack aircraft and bombers of the Ukrainian Air Force were temporarily stored here, when most of the military airfields were put out of action.

“They cannot be called full-fledged airfields, but the airfield remains, and jet fuel can be adjusted in refueling vehicles. They relocated to these airfields, which made it possible to avoid the destruction of aircraft., - the expert marks.

It is not known how many more combat aviation assets are in service with Ukraine today.