Shot down a drone


Yemeni rebels have an air defense system similar to the Russian Buk air defense system

Houthis shot down another Saudi Arabian drone using a complex similar to the Russian air defense system "Beech".

Yemeni insurgents continue to effectively fight unmanned aerial vehicles of the Saudi Arabian Air Force. The day before, another Saudi unmanned aerial vehicle was shot down, according to the Houthis - Wing Loong 2. Despite the absence of any details from the Yemeni rebels, the video footage showed a missile, the flight of which is typical for the flight of a Buk anti-aircraft guided missile. This may indicate that Iran has armed the Houthis with fairly modern air defense systems.

In the video footage presented, you can see how an anti-aircraft guided missile launched by the Houthis rapidly flies up to the drone and, unlike previous episodes of attacks, hits the drone from above, which is very typical of the Buk air defense missile system.

Experts have so far expressed some doubts about the fact that we are talking about the Buk anti-aircraft missile system. Given that the Houthis are trying to closely hide their air defense systems, it may well be a Soviet or Russian medium-range air defense system.

"The flight of a rocket from a similar angle may well be qualified as a so-called" slide ", however, there are still some doubts about this", - the expert marks.

In turn, it should be noted that Iran was not armed with Buk complexes, but this does not exclude the possibility that the Islamic republic could purchase such complexes from other countries.