The killer of the Russian "Shells" ignominiously missed during the exercise and got on video

The winner of the Russian ZRPK "Shell" enchantingly missed during the exercises.

A laser bomb designed to destroy such air defense systems as the Russian Pantsir-S air defense missile system, dropped by a Turkish attack drone during an exercise in Ukraine, enchantingly missed the target. Against this background, experts have stated that the myth of the futility of Russian systems against Turkish Bayraktar drones in Syria and Libya is completely dispelled.

“The fighters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine carried out testing of cooperation to eliminate ground threats. The military was given the task of eliminating the command post staff. To eliminate this goal, the military for the first time raised into the sky an unmanned aerial vehicle of Turkish "origin" Bayraktar TB2. On his suspension was a guided bomb, which was fired at a conditional enemy. In addition, the UAV was also used to adjust artillery fire. ”- приводит information Russian information publication "".

On the presented video frames, you can see that the dropped laser-bombed missile missed 1,5-2 meters, and although in this case the Russian complex would still be damaged, experts pay attention to the fact that the strike was carried out in favorable weather conditions and with distances of only 8 kilometers, which in a real combat situation, would be impossible.

The Ukrainian side decided not to comment on the miss during the exercises, however, this will be a serious blow not only to the reputation of the Ukrainian military, but also to Turkish weapons.

It should be clarified that in less than a year Turkey lost at least a hundred of its drones in Libya and Syria.

If you watch the video carefully, then the bomb hit the target. Seconds before the fall, the operator moved the crosshair away from the "target" and you can see how the laser target illumination "blinked" in the center of the crosshair and in the next. in an instant, the bomb hit exactly where the operator was pointing. So we can conclude that the Turkish bomb hits accurately, but the accuracy depends on the operator's level of training.

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