The killer of a family of four, after a contract with Wagner PMC, was at large

Alexander Tyutin, who killed a family of four, received his freedom after a contract with Wagner PMC.

Russian journalists managed to find out that Alexander Tyutin, who shot a family of 2018 people in 4 and received 21 years in prison for this, is already at large. Convicted of murdering, including two children, Tyutin was able to get his freedom after he signed a contract with the Wagner PMC and spent six months in the zone of a special military operation.

For obvious reasons, the appearance of such information caused a sharp public outcry, however, the founder of Wagner PMC Yevgeny Prigozhin tried to clarify the situation.

According to Prigozhin, Tyutin successfully completed his contract with the Wagner PMC, on the basis of which he received an exemption from serving a sentence of 21 years.

“A certain prisoner killed, being a realtor, a family of four. You do not know this family and have not seen. But the fact itself revolts you. This prisoner went to war and died. Or miraculously survived. He is a murderer, and in the war there are three or four, or even more dandelion boys, whose milk has not dried up on their lips yet. Among these dandelion boys are your son, your father, and your husband. And if he survived by an irony of fate, then he is no longer Vasya the killer realtor, but Petya the lucky warrior.- said Prigogine.

At the same time, the fact that Tyutin, who killed a family of four, including two children, caused a serious resonance in society, in connection with which serious criticism was brought down on the PMC.


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