Kaliningrad Airport


Teachings to fighting plane, held at the airport in Kaliningrad

In Kaliningrad airport extinguished airliner.

According to the official legend of the exercises held at Khrabrovo airport, an emergency occurred during the landing of the aircraft, as a result of which the aircraft’s fuel tanks were depressurized, which in turn led to the spreading of fuel and its subsequent fire. The Emergency Ministry squadron, who arrived promptly at the scene of the emergency, urgently localized the flames, including on board the aircraft, and also carried out the evacuation of passengers aboard the aircraft.

Thanks to the teachings, the Emergencies Ministry rescuers are not only valuable experience, but also to actually work out the real situation, which may take place at the airport, and, precisely on the concerted actions depend the lives of tens and hundreds of passengers, which in turn makes it possible, in the event of a real a situation most effectively deal with it.