Rocket strike


Ballistic missile strike on Syrian terrorists hit the video

The Syrian army attacked militants with ballistic missiles.

A few hours ago, after jihadists tried to attack the positions of the SAA, the Syrian army was forced to use tactical weapons, firing at least two missiles of the Tochka OTRK on terrorist positions. The warhead of the rocket inflicted an exact gift on the jihadists, as a result of which the latter suffered very serious losses - at least 40 militants were destroyed, and several vehicles.

On the presented video frames you can see part of the Tochka OTRK ballistic missile, with which a blow was delivered, and if a part of the missile fell away from the target, the warhead successfully hit it, which indicates the high efficiency of the use of this weapon.

It should be clarified that the Syrian army quite often uses the Tochka operational-tactical missile systems to strike at those positions of militants when there is either no time to raise aircraft or there is the slightest threat that terrorists will try to shoot down combat aircraft.

Experts do not exclude the possibility that if the Turkish army tries to launch a powerful counterattack against the Syrian military, then the Syrian forces can launch a series of large-scale strikes precisely with the use of the Tochka, which are extremely effective both against the enemy’s manpower and against armored vehicles. , the area of ​​destruction of one missile of the OTK "Point" is about 50000-70000 square meters.

In Soviet times, at academic courses, I was taught to work on the Point. Cool complex. I served on 8k63. So it seemed to me (in comparison) that on the Point, the calculation was messing around - all the checks and start-ups were done by automation.
By the way, the rocket had several types of heads.

Can you tell us what is happening with the Syrian Stud D missiles (range 700 km)? According to Wikipedia, Syria has 260 such missiles.