The blow of the drone "Geran" on Lviv was filmed

Shahid drone "Geran" flew to Lviv and delivered a precision strike.

In the course of delivering another massive strike by unmanned aerial vehicles on the territory of Ukraine on March 18, one of the drones managed to overcome over a thousand kilometers, despite the presence of Western air defense systems in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and accurately strike on the outskirts of Lviv. The explosion turned out to be so powerful that it could be observed at a very long distance, as evidenced by the corresponding video footage taken by local residents.

On the video frames you can see the moment of the destruction of one of the objects of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the outskirts of Lviv. Contrary to earlier statements that the drones were successfully destroyed, the video shows that the strike did take place. Moreover, the affected object clearly belongs to critical infrastructure facilities.

To date, shahid drones are very effective in terms of their use for strikes. Part of the drones of the Armed Forces of Ukraine manages to shoot down. However, the Ukrainian military cannot use air defense systems due to the fact that they will give out the position of air defense systems, and attempts to destroy UAVs from machine guns and MANPADS are far from the most effective.


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