Cluster bomb attack on Syrian terrorists caught on video

The militants who tried to escape from the attack of the Russian Aerospace Forces and the Syrian Air Force were hit by a cluster bomb.

During the liberation of the Syrian city of Duma, a group of terrorists tried to leave the attack zone of Syrian and Russian combat aircraft, but unexpectedly came under attack from an unidentified type of cluster munition, which literally gutted the militants' vehicle, miraculously allowing the latter to survive. The militants managed to capture this moment on video.

Video footage released by Syrian militants shows that the attack on the streets of the Syrian Duma was extremely powerful and unexpected. Apparently, the military aircraft tried to cut off the terrorists 'withdrawal in order to destroy the latter on the spot, however, despite numerous hits by striking units on the militants' vehicle, the last miracle managed to survive.

Cluster munitions have proven themselves effectively on the territory of Syria against both militants and terrorists of the "Islamic State" (a terrorist group whose activities are prohibited in the Russian Federation - editor's note), since most of the militants' attacks were stopped precisely by powerful strikes of these munitions, which destroyed both the equipment and the terrorists themselves.

In general, it is not clear what is happening in the video, where it is who saw the cluster munition is not clear ...

Phosphorus is also prohibited, and Ukraine has repeatedly used them (everything is recorded). Only in Syria terrorists are bombed, and in Donbass - local civilians. And if you also consider that Syria is considered a "third world" country where everything is possible for everyone, and Ukraine is a European country standing with one foot in the EU, under the control of the OSCE, a reference to any conventions there is inappropriate

And who prevented you from getting into the already wrecked car? On this site, in the news, the most interesting thing is the comments on the news. You can immediately scroll to the end and read. I wish I could attach a video!

Aren't they prohibited by international conventions?

I sometimes wonder wildly, how do you manage to recognize the ammunition and the damage inflicted and the identity of the militants from such videos?

Aren't these bombs prohibited by an international convention?

Gon of some kind. In urban areas, and even in the east, where the streets winding, what cluster bombs !? Yes, in an open area, but not among high-rise buildings. Well, if they did, and they survived, let them rejoice that they were in the city and the "Schumacher" was driving.