X-59 cruise missile strike caught on surveillance camera

Nikolaev's outdoor surveillance camera detected the flight of a unique Kh-59 cruise missile.

A unique high-precision air-to-surface medium-range air-to-surface missile was detected by outdoor surveillance cameras a few seconds before the attack on AFU facilities in the Nikolaev area. To date, this is the first documented moment of the use of a unique missile designed to destroy important enemy ground and surface targets.

On the presented freeze frame from the video, you can absolutely accurately identify the design of the unique Kh-59 high-precision cruise missile. So far, it has not been possible to establish a modification of the rocket (and the latter exists in 10 different versions), however, the flight of the rocket was recorded literally moments before the strike.

To date, there are no official comments regarding the use of Kh-59 cruise missiles. However, it is known that such a missile is highly effective, as it is able to successfully overcome even multi-level air defense systems. This, by the way, was proved during the next strike.


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