A blow to PMC "Wagner" could have been inflicted due to the activation of the station "Starlink" captured as a trophy

Musk's satellites could track an attempt to connect Wagner PMC to the Starlink Internet.

Against the background of the fact that it became known that the Wagner PMC units captured the Starlink satellite Internet station as trophies, there were versions that the blow to the positions of the Wagner PMC, inflicted a few days ago in Popasnaya, could have been connected precisely with an attempt to activate one of these stations.

At the moment, this is one of the versions of how the Ukrainian military could track the positions of the Wagner PMC and strike at them using the Himars MLRS. Given that each equipment for connecting to satellite Internet is tracked by Starlink satellites, an attempt to activate from the already occupied Popasnaya settlement could allow establishing exact coordinates for a subsequent strike by Himars systems.

It is known that several trophy Starlink satellite Internet stations were captured as trophies from the Armed Forces of Ukraine during the storming of the Ugledar hydroelectric power station, as evidenced by photographs posted on the Web by military specialists from a private military company. Given that satellite Internet technology has both civilian and military uses, it is entirely possible to constantly monitor connections throughout the region.

Captured "Stralink" trophy stations


Earlier, the main version of an accurate strike on the positions of the Wagner PMC was put forward, associated with the appearance on the Web of photographs of the headquarters of a private military company, however, representatives of the PMC have not yet commented on any of the versions.


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